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How much do you know about the customization process of conventional silicone products?

How much do you know about the customization process of conventional silicone products?

Oct 5,2020
How much do you know about the customization process of conventional silicone products?
What is the customized process of silicone products? In recent years, more and more consumers are attracted by the stable performance, safety and non-toxic characteristics of silicone products, which makes silica gel products appear in high frequency in life. The market of silica gel products is large, so it is not easy to meet this opportunity. Many people will choose to find silicone products manufacturers to customize silicone products if they want to seize this opportunity. Now there are many kinds of silica gel products, and its full name can also be silica gel mold products. That is to say, before the official production of silica gel products, there must be silica gel mold first. After the mold is sure to be safe, it is batch production of silica gel products. So, what is the customization process of silicone products? 

First of all, a brief introduction of silicone products

Silica gel is a kind of semi transparent white colloid. When it is raw rubber, it is a kind of solid or liquid form. The solid state is called solid silica gel, and the production process is also called solid technology. The finished products produced are quite different. However, solid products are common in life, such as silica gel kitchenware, silica gel bib, silica gel cup cover and silicone cake mold We are mainly solid-state process manufacturers. The other is a kind of liquid silica gel, which is usually used to produce some soft products. For example, milk bottles and nipples are made by liquid silica gel through liquid technology, and some products with soft requirements are also produced through liquid silica gel.

Solid silica gel products are mainly used to add a certain amount of curing agent or color rubber to the solid raw rubber through the mixing machine. The hard solid raw rubber will become very soft under great power. Then, a whole roll of raw rubber needs to be protected with plastic film. As we all know, silica gel is an absorbent material, which is easy to absorb Charged dust in the air. Therefore, it is usually in the process of rubber mixing, it is necessary to prevent dust.

The mold manufacturing process is as follows:

(1) Customers provide specific design drawings;
(2) Mold company to determine the production of mold orders;
(3) Mold room personnel began to program;
(4) Mold room personnel according to the program to make mold, until the mold production is completed. After the mold is made, it is the customer's product proofing.

The proofing of silica gel products involves many details, which are called engineering data. Product proofing often determines many details, such as product raw materials, product color, product technology, product patterns and so on. Only after these things are correctly selected can the first batch of silica gel products be initially produced to satisfy customers.

After the proofing of silica gel products is completed, the factory's personnel will compare the customer's requirements at the first time and confirm that they meet the customer's requirements before the first batch of samples are sent to or sent to the customers. After receiving the sample, the customer will make an evaluation on the sample. If the product meets the customer's requirements, the customer will ask the factory to start to make batch products according to the sample according to their own situation. If the first batch of samples does not meet the needs of customers, the customer will immediately feed back to the factory and ask the factory to improve relevant aspects. According to the customer's opinion, the factory will proofing again until the customer is satisfied with the sample before mass production.

What is the customized process of silicone products? The continuous emergence of silicone products in various areas of daily necessities, there are more and more different types of silicone products emerging, reflecting the trend of green consumption concept in people's mind. In general, different silica gel products, the mold structure is different, the difficulty of production will be different. As a result, the production time will be greatly different, which also determines the final delivery date of silicone products to customers. However, it is very important that both customers and factories should always follow up every process of silicone products production.