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What is silicone button and its market technology?

What is silicone button and its market technology?

Dec 1,2020
What is silicone button and its market technology?

Silicone button is the main product of silicone products. The process of remote control button is complex and difficult to make.Mainly used in TV, air conditioning, VCD, DVD and other home appliances and related electronic industries.

1. Silicone keyboard is environmental friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, and has good elasticity;

2. Wear resistance, high temperature resistance, no deformation and other characteristics, can be used for a long time;

3. The appearance is smooth and the handle is strong. It is a real green environmental protection product;

4. It can make monochrome, bicolor, tricolor and mix with other colors;

5. The logo on the jewelry can be text, pattern or the combination of text and pattern

Production technology of silicone keys

Silicon is a kind of silicone rubber products which is made of high temperature vulcanized rubber as the main raw material by molding and vulcanization process. A finished silicone button needs to go through the following steps:
1、 Raw material preparation (also known as rubber refining, material preparation, etc.): including raw rubber mixing, color matching, raw material weight calculation, etc
2、 Vulcanization molding (also known as oil pressure molding): high pressure vulcanization equipment is used to vulcanize the silicon collagen material at high temperature to form a solid state
3、 Phifeng (also known as processing, deburring, etc.): the silicone products taken out of the mold will be accompanied by some useless burrs and pore chips, which need to be removed. At present, in the industry, this kind of work is very important

The sequence is completely completed by hand, some factories also use punch to complete.
4、 Screen printing: this process is only used in some silicone keyboards with patterns on the surface, such as the English letters and Arabic numerals on the silicone keyboards. In order to make it convenient for users to operate the keys, it often needs to be printed
To screen the characters corresponding to the mobile phone keyboard in the corresponding position.
5、 Surface treatment: surface treatment includes dust removal by air gun;
6、 Oil injection: silicone keyboard is easy to absorb dust in the air under normal state, and has a certain viscosity. Spray a thin layer of hand feeling oil on the surface of the silicone keys to prevent
Dust can also ensure the hand feel.
7、 Others: other processes include some additional functions given by businesses to silicone keyboard, such as glue dropping, radium carving, P + R synthesis, optimized packaging, assembly with other materials and components, etc