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Silicone Kitchen products

Customized kitchen silicone products (silicone cleaning gloves, silicone heat insulation pads, silicone non-slip mats, silicone coasters, drain racks, silicone vegetable baskets, silicone dishwashing brushes, silicone cake molds, silicone cake cups, silicone seasoning bowls, etc.)

Silicone Household products

Customized household silicone products (including silicone night light, silicone tea maker, silicone ice tray, silicone wine bottle stopper, silicone acupuncture point shot, silicone bath brush, silicone brush, silicone keychain, silicone placemat, etc.)

Silicone Sports products

Custom silicone sports products (silicone folding water cups, silicone telescopic water bottles, silicone sports bracelets, silicone swimming goggles sealing frame, etc.)

Silicone Beauty products

Silicone beauty products (silicone facial cleansing brush, silicone facial cleansing instrument, silicone cosmetic brush cleaning pad, silicone nail pad, silicone cosmetic mirror, silicone powder puff, etc.)

Silicone Pet products

Customized pet silicone products (pet silicone dinner plate, pet cleaning gloves)

Silicone Rubber accessories

LEWIN silicone accessories manufacturer specializes in silicone buttons and food-grade silicone seals. Silicone tubes, silicone pads, silicone caps, silicone plugs, silicone dust caps, silicone straps, silicone sheets and other silicone accessories are customized, developed, designed and produced by ourselves, and can be customized according to drawings and samples.

Custom Extruded silicone rubber tubes

The extruded silicone rubber hose produced by LEWIN is mixed with colored silicone masterbatch and ordinary silicone, and is formed by high temperature extrusion. Generally, there are red, black, blue, pink, white, green, orange, etc. Of course, the most common one is that the high-transparent silicone tube has many uses. The extruded silicone rubber tube is made of silicone rubber, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, and ozone resistance.

Custom Silicone rubber mold

LEWIN has long been engaged in the design and manufacture of silicone rubber molds for household appliances, electronic products, beauty and fitness industries. Our factory specializes in the design and processing of silicone rubber "O" ring molds, skeleton oil seal silicone rubber molds, 45° "O" type silicone rubber ring molds, and silicone rubber miscellaneous parts molds that meet national standards, and the products are sold throughout the country. Well received by users. We always take the principle of creating a first-class enterprise, ensuring first-class management and ensuring first-class service as the corporate purpose. To meet the higher requirements of customers with better products, better credit and better services